Lets Learn Integration with docker, minikube and Camel K

Integration is a buzz word in modern software paradigm. Various different technologies , protocols and systems are going to be interconnected with intermediate layer called integration platforms. There are several vendors for Integration platform developers. But among them one product is emerging . It is Apache Camel. The expectation of this blog is to give a quick start guide to this stack.

Install Docker and Kubernetes in local development machine.

Above mentioned blog has nice details about installing docker and kubernetes in windows plat form.

Furthe Bellow url is the official web site of kubernetes for minikube installation.

After docker and minikube installed successfully then the time for first application testing. Following Hello minikube page will give you the full understanding how to deploy simple node.js applicaiton using kubernetes.

Using our own docker image for integration will be explained in following page.


Camel K

Now we have covered the basic . Lets stat some integration with Camel K.

Apache Camel K is a lightweight integration platform, born on Kubernetes, with serverless superpowers.

For more information checkout the Camel K manual and join the community on on the Camel Users mailing list and have a look at the Camel K GitHub repository.

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